Carbon peeling

Carbon peeling is one of the variants of epidermis surface cleaning, combining efficiency with low traumatism. The procedure is performed in beauty salons, the number of sessions depends on the skin type and condition. In this article, we will consider who it suits, the pros and cons of the procedure.

Branislav Belko

To whom carbon peeling is suitable

The essence of the peeling is a gentle exfoliation of dead cells of the epithelium. After the procedure, the skin becomes smoother and gentler, pores are narrowed, water-lipid balance is normalized. Local inflammations occur much less frequently, the face stops flaking and itching. After cleaning the skincare products are more effective, and decorative cosmetics lie down more evenly.

Carbon peeling is recommended for people who cannot tolerate mechanical cleaning or procedures with acids. It is suitable for the first signs of skin aging. For small wrinkles, dull complexion and dilated pores, you can use this peel. The procedure is able to relieve excess skin oiliness and prevent inflammation.

The peeling is often recommended for teenagers suffering from youthful eels. It is not able to remove deep subcutaneous pimples but prevents the appearance of new fat.

The peeling consists of 3 stages. First, the skin is thoroughly cleansed with an antiseptic. Then a carbon gel is applied to the skin. When it dries, it attracts dead cells, tiny particles of dirt, and greasy plugs.

The final and most important stage is the laser treatment of the face. Acting on the skin covered with gel, the beam adsorbs impurities, while gently warming up the skin and stimulating blood flow. Gradually, the laser also acts on deeper layers of the epidermis. A photothermolysis process takes place, during which the collagen fibers actively grow, the skin thickens and tightens.

The number of sessions depends on the skin type. For oily and problem skin it will take 8-10 sessions, for dry and sensitive skin 3 or 5 sessions are enough. Cosmetic physicians prefer to use gel and laser of the same brand, the power of the device is adjustable depending on the problems to be solved.

Pros and cons of the procedure

The big advantage of carbon peeling is painlessness. Mild redness and local peeling are possible, but the very next day the skin becomes smooth and gentle. Immediately after the peeling, you can use care and decorative cosmetics. The procedure gives a very quick external effect, but it will not get rid of deep problems. On the other hand, carbon peeling can be recommended to people who are contraindicated to chemical exfoliation.

Despite the softness of action, the procedure has contraindications. Carbon peeling is not recommended for people with cancer, people with severe skin lesions or those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, tuberculosis or epilepsy. All types of peeling are not indicated during pregnancy and lactation. It is preferable to perform the procedure in the cold season when the sun rays are less active and cannot provoke hyperpigmentation.

Many patients attribute a not too noticeable effect to the negative moments of peeling. The skin improves gradually, small defects are eliminated after several procedures, but if not properly treated, wrinkles and blackheads may return.