How to preserve the beauty of your lips

It's a girl's lips that can attract men like a magnet. However, many suffer from dryness and peeling of the lips. There are many useful tips to help keep your lips gentle and moisturized. Let's look at them in more detail.

Folco Masi

Weathered lips and painful cracks are a common problem for many. Dry lips look unattractive and also hurt. Also, lipstick is very poorly kept on them. What to do so that the lips are always soft, moisturized and healthy?

Don't lick your lips. Especially you shouldn't do it outside. Wet lips will wind up extremely quickly. Saliva contains enzymes that are harmful to the lips. If you have this habit, try to control yourself.

If your lips are dry, you need to drink more. Besides, it is useful to humidify the air at home and in the office.

The influence of sunlight is harmful to the lips at any time of year. Use good sunscreen and lip balm.

Use lipstick every time you leave home. It doesn't have to be colored. Gentle lip skin will be protected by medicinal or simple hygienic lipstick. Do not neglect this cosmetic product.