Skin dehydration

A rare woman can boast of perfectly beautiful skin from nature. Even famous models and stars have problems that they are actively struggling with. In pursuit of the dream of a young, smooth, fresh skin, ladies of different ages even decide to take drastic measures in the cosmetologist's office. However, if you competently develop a system of regular care and use effective means, then improve the appearance and come close to the ideal is quite real.

Nicolas Cool

Looking young and having a healthy, even complexion is not a miracle of nature, but a painstaking job. What does skin health depend on in the first place? Of course, on good hydration. Water is the main factor of its youth and beauty.

What is dehydration?

The term "dehydration" regarding the human skin means that the protective layer is broken. And the moisture that saturates the epidermis cells evaporates from the surface very quickly. Lack of moisture leads to loss of elasticity, dryness and the appearance of the first wrinkles.

A woman's skin is very vulnerable to moisture loss. Problems arise for many reasons.

  • environmental pollution
  • improper care
  • exposure of heat and cold

Each of these factors is a source of enormous stress to the skin and invariably leads to moisture loss.

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

Those who equate dry skin with dehydrated skin and vice versa are mistaken. There is a significant difference between these concepts. Dry skin is the result of a lack of nutrients and a lack of grease on the surface. And dehydrated - it is primarily a cardinal lack of moisture, which has nothing to do with the fat content of the cover.

The oiliness of the skin and hydration

The main stages in the system of care for oily and combined skin - cleansing, exfoliation and hydration. This type of skin does not require additional nutrition. Its sebum is sufficient in its structure, but the degreasing procedure can be perceived as a signal to weaken natural protection. This will cause the sebaceous glands to begin to produce even more secretions of the sebum.

This leads to more sad consequences: blockage of the sebaceous glands and the development of the inflammatory process, the appearance of redness and acne.

Methods of humidification

There are two main ways to moisturize the skin: internal and external.

  1. Internal - the method of skincare allows you to stimulate the dermis to produce moisturizing substances independently, resulting in a barrier to moisture evaporation. This requires not only regular drinking of water in sufficient quantities. Proper care means both a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. Reducing the consumption of fatty foods, adding fresh vegetables and fruits to the diet, taking vitamins, positive emotions, frequent walks in the fresh air and rejection of bad habits – all these measures, no matter how banal it may sound, will soon allow you to see in the mirror the beauty coming from within.
  2. External – is the use of cosmetics with directional action. When applied, the gel creates a thin protective film on the skin, preventing transepidermal moisture loss. In this way, the skin is provided with long-lasting hydration for the whole day.

Attention to yourself, proper care and respect for your body - and your skin will shine with freshness and youth for many years.