The main stages of facial skincare

Correct and consistent facial care is the basis for fresh and youthful skin. How many steps does proper skincare include, what products to use and by what criteria to choose? Let's get to the bottom of this!

Autumn Goodman

Skin cleansing

It should be done in the morning and before bedtime. Care products should be selected by skin type.

  • Cleansing gels are suitable for oily and combined┬áskin, they have pronounced drying and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Wash foams are suitable for almost any skin type depending on their composition.
  • Milk is more suitable for owners of dry skin.
  • Micellar water should be washed with normal water, as it contains cleansing surfactants. They should not be left on the face skin.

Skin toning

Toning agents are needed to maintain the skin's normal acid-alkaline balance. Also, toning agents in addition to antibacterial function, moisturize, soothe inflamed skin and reduce its oily level.

Facial concentrates

Serum - a type of care cosmetics, which is a concentrated super active product of moisturizing, brightening, antioxidant, and rejuvenating effects. The serum is desirable to use once a day, some products from two to three times a week. Different in their function serums can be used in the morning and evening. For example, an antioxidant serum is applied to the skin in the morning and a lightening serum in the evening.

Application of facial cream

The cream should be applied to the face in the morning and evening. The only exception is if the skin is too oily. In this case, the treatment can be completed with a greasy or combination skin type serum, but this rule applies only to the evening application of the cream. In the morning, sunscreen should be applied according to the skin type. Creams vary in consistency.

  1. Light in structure creams (cream-gel, cream-serum), they are usually used for oily skin.
  2. Moisturizing creams. They are designed for normal and dry skin, but can also combine not only nourishing functions but also moisturizing.