How to style your hair and not damage its structure

An important part of an attractive look is beautiful, well-groomed hair. Hairstyling is a procedure that many people do every day. In this article, you will learn how to style your hair without damaging its structure.

Drew Hays

Sparse, curly and straight, thin and thick hair needs care, as hairdryers, sinks and fixation products can damage its structure. To avoid this, you just need to choose the right products and follow some guidelines. That's what we're going to talk about.

Curly hair

Luxurious curly curls are beautiful. But they require a special approach during styling, as well as a careful choice of care products. Often the owners of naughty curls do their best to straighten them. But they are contraindicated hot drying – the hair will become dull, brittle and lifeless. It is the lack of moisture that leads to these consequences. As a result, instead of beautiful curls, you get a tangled lump, which is difficult to comb and lay.

But there is a way out of any situation. To take care of curly hair, you need to choose moisturizers. To get beautiful styling, you need to form separate strands. To do this, apply a foam or mousse to wet hair. Then twist the curl on your finger to form curls. Carefully pull out your finger and let your hair dry without using a hairdryer.

A diffuser will help create beautiful curls. Such curls look natural and can be easily set into a nice hairstyle or left loose. But it is important not to use hot or warm air - it destroys the hair structure. If you're styling with a hairdryer, you should use the cold drying function.

A little curly hair

Long slightly curly hair is the perfect base for a beautiful hairstyle with soft curls. During styling, you need to use special products - foam, mousse or gel and lift the hair at the roots with a hairdryer. Screw each curl onto a curling iron and wait a bit. Large curlers or a round brush will do the trick instead. It will take a little more time with the brush - you will have to twist and dry each strand separately. When all the strands have been treated in this way, shake your head slightly to allow your hair to lie freely and naturally. The curls out of the hairstyle should be hand layered. Such a hairstyle cannot be combed - it'll ruin your styling.

Rare hair

Rare hair can lead to despair. Hair doesn't have enough volume to make a nice hairstyle. Often, in an attempt to make styling more luxurious, girls abuse the varnish. But the effect is reversed: the hair becomes heavy, glued and the effect of an unwashed head occurs. But this does not mean that owners of rare hair can forget about beautiful styling. There is no ugly hair - you just need to choose the right tools.

To get good results, you need to choose lightweight products - a small amount is enough. A light mousse or volume spray is applied to the hair. Next, to dry hair at the roots, you need to put your head down. Then, using a hairdryer and a round brush, pull out each strand. The result is smooth, well-groomed curls and volume that will last all day.

Thin straight hair

The problem of thin hair is that it’s difficult to style your hair so that it looks neat enough long enough. Such hair needs special care products – shampoos, balms and conditioners that give volume. But you need to carefully study the composition: it should not contain alcohol – it dries the hair, making it brittle.

You should start styling by giving volume. To do this, dry the hair with a hairdryer at the roots. Then apply a thermal protection agent to individual curls and straighten them with an iron or tongs. You can use a round brush or wide comb, pulling out each strand starting from the bottom, while drying them with a hairdryer. The first thing you need to do is styling your bangs - they dry quickly, and you need wet hair for styling.

Styling tips

Many people have to deal with different hair problems. Among them are

  1. porous hair
  2. weak hair
  3. fragility
  4. dullness
  5. dandruff
  6. irritated scalp

To cope with all these problems will help correctly selected care products such as masks, conditioners, balms, and shampoos. Cosmetics should be selected based on the type of hair. So, for oily hair, you need to choose shampoos with the appropriate labeling. No need to neglect air conditioners and masks. Hair is affected by the environment: hot weather, conditioners in offices and shops. All this negatively affects the condition of the hair. To protect them, give them a healthy look and shine, you need to choose the right care products for your hair type.